How Much Does Asbestos Flue Removal Cost?

Bristol Asbestos Removal Ltd. carry out many asbestos flue removal jobs as many contractors will not carry out other works in your home while the asbestos flue is present. When it comes to asbestos flues they contain chrysotile (white asbestos) which was commonly used in the building trade in the 1950s-1980's. It is one of the lower risk asbestos types, but is still dangerous should the flue be damaged or cracked, therefore releasing the asbestos fibres into the air. Whether you are dealing with a low risk or high risk asbestos, it is still imperative that it is removed and disposed of in a safe and correct way, ensuring anyone working on its removal wears the correct protective workwear and the right equipment is used.

Bristol Asbestos Removal Ltd. are qualified to carry out both licensed and un-licensed works and each job we undertake is done so to the correct Health & Safety Executive guidelines and regulations. Safety to both our team and those we are working for is paramount and no shortcuts are ever taken. Our team are able to carry out asbestos testing, asbestos removal, and asbestos disposal as well as our 24 hour emergency call out when your job is time-sensitive. So how much is asbestos flue removal cost? Generally you can expect to pay anywhere between £150-£300 for the removal of an asbestos flue. This will vary however on how accessible the flue is and the overall length of the flue.

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